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All about world famous Mysuru Dasara!

When the hustling bustling city turns into a traditional royal city where you see a herd of elephants walking on the streets with their mahouts guiding them. An elaborate fair set up attracting a lot of foreign and local visitors…. Continue Reading →

What to eat while in Chennai – The Chennai food trail

In a country like India, every city has distinguished things to offer in terms of art, culture, tradition, heritage and food. Mentioning of food, every few kms affect the flavors of food so much so that a foodie like me… Continue Reading →

Road trip to Wayanad in Monsoon

The winds caressed my face, eyes glued to the lush green sides of the road, skin gleamed with slight drizzle, playful sound of wind while cruising through the smooth Karnataka highways before I reached Wayanad this monsoon. Road trips are… Continue Reading →

Waterbom Bali – A thrilling waterpark experience

I had scribbled “Waterbom Bali” on some piece of paper while planning my trip for Bali but had not really thought that I will visit a water park on my trip to Indonesia. I mean come on who visits a… Continue Reading →

Luxury brewed strong at Java Rain Resorts, Chikmagalur

The original hills of coffee, Chikmagalur had been on my mind for years for its soothing climate, coffee estates and rich history. Yet, I couldn’t visit this serene hill town till last week. So, when Java Rain Resort, Chikmagalur invited… Continue Reading →

Bhutan in 20 pictures

A friend – A: Hey, suggest some foreign country for my next vacation. I: Hmm, have you been to Bhutan? A: Nope, but I want to see an actual foreign country. Tell me some other countries ya. Have been thinking… Continue Reading →

A day hike to Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka | My Travel Recitals

There are times when I overestimate myself and plunge to take up things which I eventually discover to be immensely challenging. But then I ponder, “That’s precisely the reason why I want to travel often”. A little contradictory. That’s how… Continue Reading →

There’s more to Indonesia than Bali – Secrets of Java

Indonesia and Bali are almost synonymous to most of us! Isn’t it? How many of you have come across deals by travel companies like 5 nights 6 days in Bali, 9 nights 10 days in Bali, trip for adventure sports… Continue Reading →

Postcards from Gujarat

“It’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting” – Anonymous As every time, this time too, I could not keep my vacation waiting and thus the delay in this post. I had been travelling far and abroad for last few weeks… Continue Reading →

Keremane Estate – A relaxing weekend getaway

All I wanted was some fresh air, a new crisp book in my hands, Coorg style filter coffee, good home cooked food and relief from Bengaluru heat. With an aim of doing absolutely nothing and relaxing to the bits on… Continue Reading →

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