In the times when it is being said that the western culture has gotten over India, the irony of the matter is that one of the most western states of India has still managed to keep its rustic charm and traditions intact. The only westernization I could see in Rajasthan was a lot of western tourists  enriching the state’s economy, so it definitely has been a good westernization for the state.

Although having family roots in Rajasthan, I did not get a chance to explore Rajasthan in my yester years. The Rajasthan tourism advertisements have done justice to the peculiarity of the state and had surely pushed me to travel to the land of majestic forts, quaint havelis, phenomenally delicious food, soothing lakes and vibrant people.

There is already so much said about Rajasthan that whatever I might write about the place would have already been told. Instead, I have got postcards for all  from Rajasthan which will tempt you to pack your bags and experience this heritage state for yourself.



A camel ride in the deserts of Jaisalmer is an experience in itself. The gaadi wala had a bag full of stories about the spots where Bollywood movies have been shot. The colorful kotis on camel back were noticeable lively and vibrant.




Abundance of vibrant and vivacious colors. Rajasthanis prefer traditional hand printed fabrics till today



Kalbeliya is a popular folk dance of Rajasthan which will leave you awestruck when the artist shows you how effortlessly she walks on sharp nails, hold pins with eyelashes and balance a number of matkas on her head



An authentic Rajasthani dinner at Ambrai Restaurant lets you savour the taste of authentic Rajasthani dishes with a breathtaking view of Lake palace standing tall on the banks of Lake Pichola. Udaipur is one of the most picturesque cities I have ever been to



The finest architectural forts with such intricate hand work will make you stand and stare such windows for quite sometime



Rajasthan looked like the most colorful state ever. The handicrafts done in vibrant colors is a sight to be must appreciated



Sky is so clear in Rajasthan that you actually fall in love with the hue of it. Its a heaven for photographers due to its vividness in color & hue. The unparalleled variance & contrast in obejcts make them stand out.This postcard is my personal favorite from Udaipur



Oh yes, in the world of marketing gimmicks , there is so much innocence even in the marketing of the restaurants here



Valour & Courage still roars in the blood of Rajasthan. Surely the attire which people of Rajasthan take so much pride in, has something to do with it



Co-existence of various Artforms is in the culture of Rajasthan. The artist risks his life daily for supporting his family and we call ourselves adventurous.



There is a sense of welcoming love attached to every thing you see in Rajasthan. The artist playing this instrument as the Kumbhalgarh fort welcoming the people for the festival


Every year folk artists from the entire state assemble at Kumbhalgarh fort for a week long festival. The picture here shows another famous artform called the Tiger Dance in which men dressed as Tiger, sing and dance on super groovy folk tunes


Pass on the postcards of Rajasthan if you have some!