Why you should not miss visiting Hoi An on your Vietnam trip

Do you miss visiting few places because of either not knowing enough about the place or lack of time? It happens with me a lot of times and that’s the fun of exploring a place – no information, very less time. Here is some information for you to not miss visiting Hoi An on your next trip to Vietnam. Infact, it would absolutely be a perfect idea to alter the itinerary to accommodate Hoi An if you haven’t already included it in your list.

Old Japanese houses along the river

Hoi An, a small town in Central Vietnam is often referred as Ancient town which quite well justifies the tottering atmosphere of the town. The old Japanese houses, easy going residents, historic Chinese temples makes you believe it is certainly not a 21st Century town and takes you back in time. Small cozy boutique hotels, very famous tailor shops, travel agent shops  are very much seen here and yet down by the market, life looks so unchanged and unhampered with the recent progression. And yes, at the same time, the town is one of the most richest towns of the nation offering the best exotic cuisine and is a very important tourism centre.

Shopping in Hoi An

 Hoi An is definitely a postcard of ancient riverside town. The grand architecture of the city talks for itself, the rice fields surrounding the town lends a complete country side experience. In the 18th century, the town used to harbor foreign traders mainly Chinese and Japanese and acted as a frequent trading port in Southeast Asia.It is now a UNESCO world heritage site and the listing made sure that Hoi An maintains its perfect blend of different cultures of Europe, Japan, Vietnam and Chinese.

The handmade cards to take back home as Souvenirs

The town earns its bread and butter with the tourism trade. I myself, picked a lot of things from Hoi An like lanterns made of artistically painted silk cloth, weightless silk scarves, home decor handicrafts, hand made cards and a lot more. The streets glittered with lanterns as if those are the lamp posts on the streets near the market area. The most talked about Japanese bridge seemed deprived of tourist’s attention when there was so much hustle bustle in the market.

The artistic cloth lanterns

On 14th day of every lunar month, there is a lantern festival and the locals switch of the lights and enjoy the lantern lights in the sky which sparkle no less than the most glittering stars on a full moon night. The festival is very popular amongst Vietnamese people and they get together in Hoi An to celebrate it. The hotels, home stays usually go fully booked on these days. It is an overwhelming sight to watch so may lanterns together in the sky.

Lanterns on a full moon light

I would love to hear your stories from Hoi An!

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9 Replies to “Why you should not miss visiting Hoi An on your Vietnam trip”

  1. Hey Vibha, how long was your trip to Vietnam and how many cities did you visit? I would be going there in December this year. I’d love to get any suggestions. I would be here for more than 4 weeks and want to explore this country as much as possible.

    1. Hey Harish, this is Saakshi 🙂 I also Visited Vietnam last December, good time to visit the country! I was there for close to 10 days. I will write a blog on it and share it with you! If you have any specific queries, please ping me @mytravelrecitals @facebook!

      1. Sorry about the name blunder :). I have followed you on Twitter & Facebook. Looking forward to next post.

        1. Definitely! Will keep you updated on Vietnam details 🙂

    2. Hi Harish, my new blog post on cities to include in your Vietnam itinerary – https://saakshirajat.com/2016/06/20/cities-you-should-put-on-your-vietnam-itinerary/

      Check out and let me know if it helps!

      1. Thanks for sharing Saakshi. Just read it. Another great post.

        1. Thanks 🙂 hope it helps!

  2. Hey Saakshi, thanks for letting us know about the lantern festival. I though this festival only held in Chiang Mai.
    I will check dates for next festival 😉

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