Time and Memories : the best gifts for Mother’s day

Me (lazing in the guest house at mcleodganj) : “Mumma, I dont know what to gift you on Mother’s day this year?”

Mumma (finishing our packing for return journey) : “The time during our travel together is the best Mother’s Day gift you have given me. What else can be better than this?”

This story has 2 things which are most precious to me as both of them define me exhaustively, Mumma and Travel. Both help me understand myself better and prepare me to embrace whatever comes in life.

I was on my first solo trip to Mcelodganj and was a little anxious about accomplishing it on my own. My solitude met my family after a week of solo travel and did not deny to leave me with them for a few days. I had a gala time with my loved ones, almost worked like a tourist guide for them and showed them the places around for five days. On the day of booking the return ticket, I tried to convince my mom to stay back with me for few more days and offered to return at the same time to our respective destinations. Mom seemed interested but something on her mind was not totally with her on the idea of staying back. That part of her mind was reminding her of the daily chores which she does for my dad and sister and considers as her utmost responsibility. After a lot of efforts put in convincing and evaluating if she really wants to stay and explore the place with me, she said a yes to be with me for next few days.

Trying the most authentic local food

It was my turn to pamper mumma with the most exotic delicacies, so after bidding good bye to my dad and sister, I took her to the Common Ground cafe to treat her taste buds. To my surprise, she emerged as a traveller and not a tourist. She ordered the most authentic Tibetan food to try and that moment I realized that I hardly knew the explorer in my mom.

Tibet delicacy called “Lhasa Style bokchoy and phing”

The best company with no expectations

On the day of my family’s departure from Mcleodganj, I had planned to walk down to Dharamkot to see the raw and untouched part of the area. When mom planned to stay back, I was contemplating of changing the plan for the day but was amazed to see my mom’s  willingness to do everything in the same way as I had planned for myself. She actually walked effortlessly with me in the woods to Dharamkot and saw the place around with an undying zeal to immerse herself in the unexplored peaceful surroundings.

Walk to Dharamkot

We think alike!

Inspite of having visited the most spectacular St.John’s church with family, just like me, she also had left a piece of her heart there. The surprises keep rolling over as I figured out how similar we think and feel. We surely did visit the church again and found our space, peace and solace. I feel that church has some magnetic aura which pulls people.


Sense of pride

Mom kept observing me all the time when I was clicking pictures, speaking to a local, listening to stories of a chaat wala and also while walking on the unknown streets so confidently. It looked like if she is wondering when did she instill all this in me. The sense of pride was reflecting in her eyes when I held her hand and guided her the way on the roads in the similar way  as she has been holding my hand and guiding me all this while.

Mumma observing me when I am clicking the temple at Tapovan

Selfie addict

The selfie mania had stuck with Mumma throughout our travel days. I could not stop admiring her passion to come up with the perfect selfie and to achieve that she would not mind clicking 1000 selfies. Mom, you are a true perfectionist and here are our perfect selfies! Looked like she did not want the time to slip through and wanted to capture every moment spent together.

Love for local art and culture

I am genetically blessed with admiration for art and culture and I had known this forever. Mom is an artist and loves trying her hands on various paintings and crafts in her spare time. During our expedition together, I experienced that her love for art and culture is not restricted to her region and surroundings.  She would stop by and appreciate the local art and murals for quite sometime before moving ahead. No wonder, I mingle with local things so easily.

A local hand made mural

Being with each other : a child with each other

Together, we were carefree, loved everything about the place and the travel together. The child within us clapped and hugged each other on the mere sight of snow clad mountains, hail storms, thunder lightning, entering the stadium for the first time and what not! We were the children who breathed a fresh perspective and took along the toys of all the more love, compassion and freedom.

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Today when I recall the time spent with mumma on this trip, I feel the magic spells of travel have immensely touched our bond and made it even more special and our times together even more memorable.

Have you given your time and created some memories for your mom yet? Trust me, you would want to do that even before wishing her mother’s day!


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  1. Nice blog. I agree. Travel is the best gift we can give to our parents. They will never ask for it, but we should proactively plan for them. McLeodganj is a nice place, esp for food. That bokchoy looks tempting. I was there just last month and hogged on Tibetan food. And I always miss going to this Church everytime I am there. Never mind, next time.

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