Cookifi : Why should guests have all the fun!

Cooking is an art and everyone need not possess it. I am certainly one of those who is a die hard food lover but do not do much justice when it comes to cooking. Does that mean I shouldn’t host parties or get together at my place? Should I always take my friends out incase I want to treat them? Should I keep my hosting skills to outdoors ?

I am certain that a lot of people would have been in my shoes and would have faced the wrath of friends / relatives for not inviting them to house parties. Cookifi, a Bangalore based startup has come as a rescuer to people who don’t enjoy cooking but are keen on inviting friends home and enjoy the time in the comfort of their houses.

Cookifi has a very simple online process to book from an exhaustive menu which they call “Experiences” and trust me, it was every bit of it! I ordered for “Mharo Rajasthan” menu because it’s nearly impossible to get to experience that authentic flavor from Rajasthan in a place like Bangalore. Indeed super easy and fast to book your favorite menu!

Last week,  my weekend started with a feast from Cookifi. I had received the name and details of the chef in the afternoon itself from the Cookifi team. The chef Debasis, a Kolkata guy reached my home exact on time and came with a huge pitara (bag) of essentials required for cooking that exotic meal. It had everything from vegetables to spices to sugar to tandoor used for cooking Bati ( an integral part of Rajasthani cuisine). I was amazed to see the details of the cooking materials he had brought. And then he wore his cooking apron which made him look like a chef from some high end restaurant and his cooking also was no less.

A super professional chef, Debasis
The pitara with all the required essentials for cooking the meal

Debasis spoke his heart out while cooking for 2 hours. His words were loaded with sincerity and his passion for cooking. With a cute innocent smile on his face, he also boasted about how he is in demand from customers when they place order at Cookifi. All in all, it was a great conversation with a chef who is so truthful and dedicated to his work. I didn’t realise how 2 hours flew off when he was working on his culinary masterpiece.


After all the goosebumps I had, the platter with that scintillating Rajasthani food was served to me and every bite of it tickled my palette. Only the folks who immensely love the food from their regions and don’t get to relish it often will be able to relate to this feeling.

The mouth watering platter here has Choorma, dal baati, baingan bharta, mirchi bhajiya, tangy chutney and papad

That’s how I enjoyed the meal in the comfort of my house without having to worry about getting the raw material from market, without figuring out the best recipe online and also without spending hours of cooking in kitchen. Cookifi, you made my evening! A huge thumbs up to the concept and of course to such wonderful chefs!

  • Ease of Online Ordering : 5/5
  • Punctuality : 5/5
  • Hygiene : 4.5/5
  • Meal spread : 4/5
  • Food taste : 5/5
  • Price :  5/5 (Light on pocket)


Bangaloreans, do leave a comment if you also loved Cookifi!



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  1. One post I have been waiting for since a while 😉

    1. Hehe! Try them and you won’t be disappointed!

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