“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.” – Elbert Hubbard

If I tell you that I have now somewhat understood the super natural power after experiencing it recently, I would not be surprised if your reactions will be –

“You kidding me?”

“How? When? Why?”

“Have you lost it completely by now?”

“Come out of your dreamy travel world!”

I was on my way to Rameswaram from Madurai cruising through the sequence of humongous coconut trees on both sides of the concrete road, when I happened to take notice of the route further on my Oneplus3 phone and could see only water on the Google maps with the blue route line hiding a bridge, the Pamban bridge. It is not an unheard of bridge as it was seen in a very famous movie “Chennai express“, I assume all SRK lovers would already know about it. Having said that, driving and stopping by on the bridge to click some pictures is an experience in itself.


When we drove on water!


The Pamban bridge

Standing on the bridge , I could only see waters meeting horizon on both the sides with some colorful steamers parked close to the bridge making for some stunning shots. Another fascinating sight was to spot the railway bridge running  parallel to the concrete one and  the thought of watching a train pass by crossed my mind. God has his own way of fulfilling small wishes and within no time I spotted a train, roaring its engine. I instantly got my gear ready to click this unique sight and ended up clicking multiple shots of the picturesque landscape.


When God fulfilled my small wish!


It made for a stunning shot


Steamers parked close to the bridge


Some facts about Pamban bridge:

  1. Pamban bridge is the India’s first sea bridge and second longest sea bridge opened in 1914.
  2. It has a non conventional section midway which can be raised to let ships pass through.
  3. It connects Rameswaram town on Pamban island to Mainland India.
  4. The adjacent road bridge where we stood to click some great pictures was built a lot later in 1988.

Ship passing through the bridge. Pic credits: Google Images

Pamban bridge is an engineering marvel that evokes awe from everyone passing by and Indian railways has been vying to get it registered as UNESCO world heritage site too. No wonder, I felt I have attained supernatural powers on witnessing this spectacular human creation.


Pamban Island

Show me what engineering marvels you clicked!

The stunning featured picture credits belong to Rohit Kumar Birla.