Bhutan in 20 pictures

A friend – A: Hey, suggest some foreign country for my next vacation.
I: Hmm, have you been to Bhutan?
A: Nope, but I want to see an actual foreign country. Tell me some other countries ya. Have been thinking of going to Paris. 
I: Do you want to see a country with breathtaking picturesque landscapes while driving through the clouds, pump your lungs with the most unadulterated air, live the life unspoiled by globalization in the quaint villages and see happy faces all around?
A: What, Norway? Switzerland? That’s out of reach for now. 
I: And that’s why you should visit Bhutan. Bhutan offers all this and so much more and will be in your reach!

If visiting a foreign country had been on your mind and your pocket doesn’t allow you to travel to expensive countries, then Bhutan should be your choice. Bhutan has been lot undermined by people who travel only to update their social media with fancy check ins of France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and so many more actual “foreign” countries.

Bhutan is a place to take life slow, appreciate every passing moment, fall in love with the ever changing landscapes, sit by the river side pondering about life, gaze at the fine intricate details of the most well architectured monasteries, smell the freshness of the air and meet the most happy souls of the world.

Here are some photos which will definitely make Bhutan your next travel destination.

The gorgeous valley enveloped with clouds
Kids seem the happiest in Bhutan
Getting off the car to soak in the view and click few pictures is worthwhile 
Masks are fun and seen in abundance in Bhutan
With these quirky masks, one cannot afford to not pose
That’s the King’s office
Takin, the national animal of Bhutan
A local engrossed in weaving a scarf
Look at these colored roof houses! It’s a sight to remember
Buddha Dordenma statue, one of the largest in the world
The charming entrance gate to Dochula pass
Dochula Pass with 108 memorial chortens
The intricate and well detailed art on the windows
These dragons are believed to protect from evil


An old man rotating the giant prayer wheel
Everything in Bhutan is so picture perfect
Bhutan is an architectural delight where every building is finely crafted
An array of symmetrical houses which looked beautiful on their own
Tiger’s nest, Bhutan – a place of immense religious belief 
The lush green landscape where sun chooses a spot and makes it glow for the day


Isn’t Bhutan on your mind even now?

Drop a comment if you liked these postcards.


15 thoughts on “Bhutan in 20 pictures

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  1. It’s interesting how perspective changes depending on where you’re from. I’d LOVE to go to Bhutan but have always considered it out of my reach for now, whereas visiting Norway, Switzerland and other European countries seems sort of dull at this point


  2. Well for me Bhutan is a very long way from home, and more expensive to travel to than Norway or Switzerland but I take your point about not overlooking the wonders of one’s immediate neighbours. The photos are gorgeous, really beautiful.


  3. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Bhutan. It’s gorgeous. You’re lucky to be so close to say it’s easy to get to, while others are out of reach. I’d love to be closer, so I could just pop over there and check it out. I mean, what a beautiful place.


  4. This is a great collection Saakshi…especially the first one. I haven’t been there, and your post really tempts me 🙂


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