Waterbom Bali – A thrilling waterpark experience

I had scribbled “Waterbom Bali” on some piece of paper while planning my trip for Bali but had not really thought that I will visit a water park on my trip to Indonesia. I mean come on who visits a water park on an international vacation but on the contrary it turned out to be the most audacious experience of all our time spent in Indonesia.

Waterbom Bali  which is ranked no.1 water park in Asia and ranked no.2 in world is much more than just a water park with ordinary slides and water fun. It is indeed about the most thrilling rides I have ever been to, trying surfing in a dummy ocean, mouth-watering food and of course a lot of relaxing and fun time.

A  pool to unwind
A wooden deck

The Thrilling Rides

The rides at Waterbom Bali are set amidst the lush green tropical garden in the center of famous Kuta city. From mellow to moderate to extreme rides, all age groups have something for them based on their risk appetite. Having been to best of the water parks in India, I can easily vouch for some of the scariest rides at Waterbom.

The ride called Smash Down 2.0 fared on the top in terms of pumping adrenaline in my blood. I was made to stand in a capsule, the trap door below my feet opened and I bulleted away to the finish point in few seconds. Another heart pounding ride and also my favorite one is Boomerang which actually goes by its name and boomeranged us enough that I imagined our tube leaving the ride and flying us away. In all there are more than 8 such extreme rids which rolled our heads.

The topmost structure has the capsule for Smashdown2.0

Smash Down 2.0 Video Credit : Waterbom Bali

The right one is the Boomerang slide

The names of rides are as quirky as these can get. There are few moderate rides like Python, Superbowl etc from where we began our time at Waterbom. For water fun, we hopped on the tube and let the flow of Lazy River take us along. Believe you me, I could spend the entire day there in Lazy river. But the other ride which brought out the child in me was Funtastic where a cute huge bucket gets filled with water and tumbles down like a very heavy rain down pour. I actually went and stood right below the bucket multiple times only to be given looks by young kids around.

I can stroll in Lazy river entire day
Funtastic fun

Attractions at Waterbom

For people like me who have water phobia but still want to try their hands at water adventure like surfing, Flow rider at this water park is certainly for them. It’s a five foot stationary wave where two surfers can surf the wave at the same time with the choice of a stand up board or a lay-down board. There is an additional price of IDR 125.000/30 min/session/person or IDR 200.000/1 hour/session/person for Flow rider.

Flow rider surfing

Who wants to grow up when you get to do fun things and Waterbom, bali hasn’t left any stones unturned to make you play kid again. Remember Holi water balloons where you had to target the passersby and get them wet, this water park has Water blaster where one just aims and fires the balloons using catapult to get the challenger wet. No, these balloons don’t harm. This fun thing comes at an additional cost of Rp.30.000 for 12 balloons.

Water Blaster

Services at Waterbom

Other than basics like lockers, tower rentals and instant photographs, the place offers one to unwind oneself completely by indulging in Reflexology, Nail spa, Hair braiding, private Gazemos and so much more. Spending an entire day without good food doesn’t sound fun, so Wantilan food trail kept us pampered all the day of course at an additional charge of what we ate.

This is Nirvana at Water park 😛

Things to Note for your visit to Waterbom Bali:

  1. The water park remains open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day except NYEPI DAY (day of silence)
  2. The place offers Tickets for either one day or two days ( which is valid within a week).
  3. A wristband called “SPLASH BAND” is given along with the ticket which stores credit information on any purchase inside the water park and thus adds to guests’ convenience.
  4. It provides free parking and accepts all types of payment cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  5. The water park also provides access with convenience to people with disabilities and welcome them heartily.
  6. Only swim suits or quick dry clothes allowed on the rides.
  7. Waterbom, Bali is centrally located in Kuta and can be reached by taxi or self drive car/ bike.

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16 Replies to “Waterbom Bali – A thrilling waterpark experience”

  1. Wow this place looks amazing! I love hanging out at waterparks with my kids, so if this is the second best in the world I’ll HAVE to go when I make it to Bali!

    1. It’s like heaven for kids! I hope you have a good time there when you visit Bali 🙂

  2. Now this is a clear and concise review of one of the best waterparks. I am so eager and looking forward to spending some time in Waterbom as soon as I land in Bali. 😉

    Thanks for the in-depth information.

  3. I’ve been to Bali a few times, but not when the kids were young which is a shame as they would have loved this. I think I’d enjoy the scenery and water, but maybe not the deaf defying rides anymore. Waiting for grandkids – thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Omg I love water parks!!! Slides are the best but that little surfing thing looks fun but scary!! If I ever visit I will go here

  5. Ha ha, I had the same thought… “Who visits a waterpark in Bali??”. But after seeing your photos, this park puts the waterparks back home to shame. Looks like an ideal day for families or people seeking something a little different from their Bali vacation!

    Jane M

  6. What a fun-looking place. I never thing of this an extreme water park when I think of Bali. Looks like a great place wto travel with kids too!

  7. I must say, I am not too much into amusement parks, But the Lazy River looks like something I could get into 🙂

    Happy continued travels!

  8. I have to say…those super steep water slides terrify me. But that lazy river and swim up bar are right up my alley. Looks like fun.

  9. Ok this is insane. Never thought Bali had the No. 1 waterpark in Asia and never thought it could be such a fun option to do in Bali. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Waterbom Bali is a great place to visit 🙂

  11. Thrishul Gowda H says: Reply

    what is the cost for one day pass for Indians?

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