Road trip to Wayanad in Monsoon

The winds caressed my face, eyes glued to the lush green sides of the road, skin gleamed with slight drizzle, playful sound of wind while cruising through the smooth Karnataka highways before I reached Wayanad this monsoon.


Road trips are definitely my kind of travel but bike road trips? Ummm… I didn’t know so much. There had not been a single road trip when I didn’t notice a series of bikers zipping through the highways in biking jackets and knee guards bedazzling the passers by with the classic sound of bullets.  To figure how it is like to be a part of this kind of clan, I headed on to my first bike road trip to Wayanad upon invitation by Scoutmytrip – an ultimate road trip planner, Onn bikes – a self ride bike rental and Wandertrails – experts in the real experiential stays and activities.



The Bike Ride 

First being first, I was excited from the time I reached the meeting point from where we were supposed to kick start our journey. The excitement multiplied on meeting the like minded travel enthusiasts, travel bloggers and passionate bikers. We assembled at the starting point to find our shining chariots – 7 Royal Enfield and 1 Avenger from Onnbikes stable lined up beautifully. I didn’t have the slightest of idea that so much discipline goes into group bike rides unless I heard the briefing from Scoutmytrip team and Onn Bikes team. The briefing included the sequencing of the bikes and cars (2 cars accompanied us) at all times in a zig zag pattern, next pit stop, to ensure the head lights are switched on at all times , to switch off the light for an indication and route to be taken for the 350 km ride to Wayanad.



I chose to be a pillion to Srinidhi, a fellow travel blogger and hopped on to the only Avenger of the group. We cruised through the Bangalore Mysore highway to reach our first pit stop at Kamath restaurant for an authentic South Indian breakfast. In no time, we were on our way and cruised on the buttery roads dotted with marigold flowers on both sides of the highway.




My focus sharpens every time I pass through the Bandipur National Park to spot wildlife of that area and this time too was not any different. We swiftly passed through the stretch and halted at our next pit stop for a tea break (of course smoke break too – that goes without saying). We then zoomed away the remaining kms only to stop at our last pit stop for lunch in Sultan Bathery. After a quick lunch and an immediate fix by Onn bikes team in one of the bikes, we were on road again to hit our destination in Wayanad.

Our stay in Wayanad

Sun had set when we reached Wayanad but our resort was still an adventurous 20 min 4X4 jeep ride away. We had parked our bikes and hopped on to the jeep to get enthralled by the drive till the nature camp. The broken trails replaced the roads, the darkness took the place of well lit town of Vythiri which we had just passed by, the gushing sound of water stream made us forget the sounds of bullet and the wilderness took over in the most raw form possible.


During the ride, I could fore see what coming 2 days at Dare 5000 Nature Camp by Wandertrails would be like. We were welcomed by none other than lush forests, the enchanting birds, the wild and yet the most comfortable beds after a long ride from Bangalore to Wayanad. The resort appeared to be a sure respite to my craving of untouched natural beauty.

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The bonfire was set and the experiences of travelers were shared over a sumptuous spread of local cuisine. The night went by in the comfort of nature and lullabies of birds.

The rainy morning gave a sneak peek of mind blowing views from the resort and I started hoping for clear views. I sipped my perfectly made black tea at the breakfast table while others started joining for breakfast. We were served with the most delicious idli sambhar cooked with immense love for sure.

It was indeed a relaxed morning where all of us were still deciding what activities to do for the day. With a bunch of activities like ziplining, valley crossing, laddering, archery, burma bridge, trekking at offer, we zeroed down to hiking up-till a private waterfall of the property. Hold up your jaw while I reveal about visiting the waterfall and other jaw dropping things we did at the resort.



Rains decided to not go on a break and come with us on our hike to the waterfall. All of us got ready in our rain gear and followed the care taker of the resort who agreed to lead us. It came across as an easy trek of 30-40 mins but quite a slippery one. We crossed the water streams, got attacked by leeches (I got spared somehow), held on to the rope fixed by resort people and took careful steps till the waterfall.


I have always known that waterfalls look glorious in the monsoons but this sight was beyond words. It was a huge waterfall making the most sensuous sounds and indeed all of us fell in love with it instantly. While few of us crossed from one side to another and looked to be meditating right under the cold water of the falls, few of us were still struggling with the leeches and few were busy adoring the falls. After a playful time at falls, we headed back to the resort and were served with another mouth watering meal.


The conversations didn’t seem to end before we were called to witness another breathtaking sight. A small trail leading to a private sun set point of the resort. The magnificent view from 5000 feet above sea level of lush green forests, sun’s godly rays enlightening a part of the valley did leave my awestruck. I just couldn’t get enough of the mystical views which I had been hoping to see since morning.

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After enough pampering of eyes, it was time to pamper the tongue with hot pakoras and tea in the company of endless travel talks and a slight drizzle.

We decided to know each other a little better by playing a popular game Mafia. To say the least, we bonded well over this game and are still sharing Mafia jokes with each other even after 15 days of the trip. It was now time for dinner and this meal was also no less delicious than we have had till now. The simply cooked meal with authentic flavors completely bowled me over.

The next morning we hogged on some yum breakfast and with a heavy heart, we bid goodbye to the lovely people at the resort and started our journey back. This time I was a pillion to Sameera, a girl biker and we were talking to the wind in no time. We halted for lunch at a dhaba and ate to our soul’s appetite. I opted to sit in the car with Wandertrails team for a relaxed drive for the remaining leg of the journey.



The ride and the stay were planned to the finest details to make the experience memorable. The experiences which I garnered and the friends I made over the long weekend trip will be cherished forever.


P.S. – This road trip was planned and sponsored by Scout My Trip, Onn Bikes and Wandertrails.


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  1. Beautiful pics and a brilliant write up… Especially the intro 🙂

    1. Thanks Reshma! Yayy, I am on to meet my deadlines 🙂

  2. Such a lovely write up Saakshi, the pics are awesome!

    1. Thanks a ton Ram! Glad you liked it 🙂 Spot yourself in the post 🙂

  3. Love these images….especially the green color which is what Kerela is associated with

    1. Thanks a ton! Kerela is beyond words in monsoons 🙂

  4. I have visited it. The greenery is mind blowing. And a flower field just before the forest began was soo beautiful.

    1. Yes, it’s indeed a great place to unwind 🙂

  5. Interesting post and all the pics are beautiful.
    With family and friends I have visited bandipur national park many times, but dint got opportunity to visit Waynard.

    1. I would suggest that you plan Wayanad in monsoon as that’s the best time to be there 🙂

  6. Monsoon enhances the beauty of a place……. And a place like Kerala which is blessed with the best colours of nature, it’s sheer magic 🌟 ✨I am sure your ride, stay and views were fabulous 😍

  7. Lovely experience. Unfortunately, haven’t had many road trips in India. Definitely will plan soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Deepika! India is all the more charming with road trips 🙂 Go for it!

  8. That was pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

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  10. lovely write up and all pictures are beautiful
    I haven’t been yet to south
    will surely look out for wayanad in monsson

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