Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram is for everyone’s reason of Travel

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram

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If your idea of vacation is to relax in a lavish pool or explore the history of the city or watch the most gorgeous sunrise in the arms of your beloved or gobble down the scrumptious food for every meal or satiate the itch of adventure or if you are as ravenous as I am and want all of it under one roof, you have just found a beach resort which caters to it all – Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram

Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram is distinguishly located right at the beach for you to witness the most dramatic sunrise of your lives. It has its feet in the middle of ancient and modern, architecture and technology. Being at the resort takes you to the journey of advancement from your left where sanctuaries as old as 7th century still stand tall to your right where an Atomic Power Station is seen.

The resort gives a reason for all kinds of vacations and more-

For Romantic Getaway

Imagine waking up in a cozy room and sipping your coffee in bed while adoring the gorgeous sunrise. As soon as you open the doors of your pretty cottage, witness the spectacular view of the ocean. Hold hands and walk through the cobbled path amidst your private lush green lawn. Reach the beach to catch the sparkling water of the ocean reflecting the hues of a brand new sunrise. Hold the moment while in each other’s arms.

The resort goes the extra mile to make your romantic escapade more special. Their beach restaurant Coast caters to the private candle light dinner where the sound of waves play some soothing music to you while you indulge in their specialities of sea food.

This sprawling property of 42 acres offers ample space and distantly located cottages makes Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram the acme of romantic vacations.

chariot beach resort mahabalipuram


For History Cravings –

If the history of 7th century port and grandeur of Pallava architecture takes you to Mahabalipuram, Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram is where you should stay. The resort is so ideally located that a 15 minute walk along the beach will take you to the world-famous Shore temple. Consider walking to the temple in the golden hour to not miss the hues of sunrise and enchanting tunes of the waves.

shore temple mahabalipuram

All the monuments of historical significance and architectural marvel like Arjuna’s penance, Pancha rathas, Krishna’s butter ball, Varaha Cave Temple, Krishna mandapam are located so closeby that these can be reached on foot from the resort. Visiting these monuments are sure to enrich you immensely but also exhaust you at the same time considering the humid weather of Mahabalipuram. It is so relaxing to come back to a luxury resort and dip yourself in their Olympic size pool.

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For Thrilling Escapade –

At Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram, you will be pleasantly surprised to witness a full-fledged 5 acre adventure zone called Neighborhood Fun Zone. The adrenaline junkie in you will bounce many steps on the mere look of thrilling activities the resort has on offer. The army pattern painted pillars are sure to make you remember the thrill you are going to get during your stay here.

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
Neighborhood Fun Zone

Whether it be walking Burma bridge or Zip-lining or Swing walk or attempting Flying Fox or a timed Dynamic Challenging Course, you will not forget the epitome of rush of adrenaline in times to come.

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
A fellow blogger crossing Burma Bridge
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An extremely bumpy canoe ride in the sea will keep you on your toes and will indeed increase your adrenaline levels.

For Luxury Seekers –

Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram oozes out luxury from every nook and corner of the resort. The chic huge seaview cottages equipped with exotic refreshments and mini bar wouldn’t let you step out of your cottage and to top that up, you have a huge glass window from where you get the best beach view ever.

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram

After a lot of deliberation, when you step out of the charming room, indulge in a relaxing Ayurveda spa which is sure to leave you pampered. There is also an olympic size pool for you to feel princely. How about sipping your favorite drink by the pool and let the evening pass by!

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
Ayurveda Spa at Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
Pic credit – Sai Priya
Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
Olympic size Pool at Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram

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For Gourmet Lovers – No vacation can ever be perfect without good food. The Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram offers a plethora of cuisine options like Continental, Indian, Chinese and the local authentic Chettinad cuisine at their multi cuisine restaurant Kapi. The spread during all meals will put you in a fix to decide what to try and what to skip for the next time. The dessert variety is no less and has a wide range of European, North Indian and local sweets.

Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram
Restaurant Kapi at Chariot Beach resort Mahabalipuram

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The other restaurant Coast named after its location is right at the beach and its highlight is exotic sea food prepared in authentic Chettinad flavors. Let the breeze touch your face, play with your hair while you savour the delicious food.

Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram brings the local vibe to the resort in terms of food and food presentation both. Don’t miss to relish Coconut water which they serve at your beck and call.


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  1. Really love the setting of spa in the resort. No doubt a luxury n relaxing vacations

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      Yeah, the resort is phenomenal 🙂

  2. This resort is definitely the one for those who are looking for a romantic beach getaway.

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      Indeed, perfect for a romantic beach getaway!

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