Things to do in Port Blair, Andaman

I had always dreamt of Andamans. So, my excitement was only natural from the time I booked my tickets. With all the time at hand, I had done extensive research on what to see while in different destinations in Andaman. One of those destinations is Port Blair which is the gateway to Andaman. It is also the capital of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Port Blair is located in the southern Andaman and is the only town on the islands. With quite a regular city vibe, Port Blair has a lot to offer in terms of history, nature and culture. While visiting the land of emerald waters and picturesque landscapes, one must keep two or three days for Port Blair. I could not visit all the places I researched about in Port Blair due to lack of time, but here is a list of places that one should visit during a trip to Port Blair.

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

It is he most iconic spot to visit while in Port Blair. A visit to Cellular jail is sure to give one goosebumps for the walls of the jail scream the atrocities our freedom fighters have gone through. The scenic yet brutal cellular jail is best visited with a guide along who tells you about the stories of bygone era. There is also a light and sound show which happens every evening. I returned extremely proud from the show (a detailed post will follow soon).

Cellular jail, Portblair

Cellular jail, Portblair

Corbyn’s Cove beach, Port Blair

An absolutely spectacular drive along the coast to this beach from Cellular jail is a must do while in Port Blair. Corbyn’s Cove beach often gets skipped because of the plethora of things to do in Port Blair. But, I went there twice during my two-day stint in Port Blair. The less crowded beach has a sequence of tall coconut trees outlining the path towards the beach. One can sit on the edge of the wall by the beach and indulge in appreciating the serene beach and the striking water waves.

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Port Blair

Ross Island

A brief ferry ride to the island gave the glimpse of the tall coconut trees with few red-roofed settlements on an island nestled in Indian ocean. It appeared to be the most gorgeous island I had seen in Andaman. The Ross Island was discovered by a British Maritime Surveyor, Sir Daniel Ross in late 19th century. As the penal colony expanded, first prisoner settlement was decided to be built in Ross Island. . It was then transformed to a marvelous colony of high-ranking officers and their families. The island was made a beguiling place to live with plush architecture of the villas, infinity swimming pool, tennis court, stunning ball room, manicured lawns and best of the amenities. Although the nature has taken over the island now, but the ruins talk aloud of the magnificent lives British lived at the island.

Ross Island

Ross Island

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Chidiya Tapu

It is a highly recommended place for watching sun set and is situated almost at the southern tip of the island. Around 20 kms away from Port Blair, this spot is also known for bird watching. Due to paucity of time, I couldn’t visit Chidiya Tapu this time but looking at the pictures, the landscape there boats of serenity and calmness.

Port Blair
Chidiya Tapu. Pic credit – Royal Tours and Travels

Jolly Buoy island

If you can’t contain your love for corals till you reach Havelock or neil island, head to Jolly Buoy island for half a day trip. Of many islands which are a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Jolly Buoy is known for snorkelling and watching corals. The water is extremely crystal clear which makes snorkelling an absolute delight here.

Port Blair
Jolly Buoy Island. Pic credit – Thrillophilia


Of the many museums in Port Blair, two were on my list. Samudrika Naval Marine museum is run by Indian Navy and exhibits the mesmerizing marine life and pretty corals from the sea. It is also quite intriguing to see the history, lifestyle and traditions of tribes in the islands of Andaman as presented in Anthropological museum.

Port Blair
Samudrika Museum. Pic credit –

Baratang Island

Situated around 100kms from Port Blair, Baratang island is known for its limestone caves and mud volcano. It is a one day trip from Port blair. What excites one the most is the boat ride among the mangroves in the island. The island and other nearby islands house the local tribes and you might get lucky to witness the locales of the island. While you are not allowed to interact with them, you can take a look at their lifestyle from far without hampering their daily routine.

Port Blair
Baratang Island. Pic credit – Thrillophilia

Food in Port Blair

While Andaman has a lot of Bengali influence over food and culture, but due to influx of tourists you can find all sorts of cuisines on the island. Our go to place for dinner in Port Blair was a cafe called The Love Garden which enthralled us with great live music and quite an inexpensive and delicious food. While at Corbyn’s COve beach don’t forget to indulge in the authentic cuisine at Waves restaurant.

Rajat and I are serious coffee lovers and everywhere we go, we have to find our coffee spots.Port Blair was also not spared and we found our perfect cafe called Brewberrys where we would escape from the scorching sun during lunch hours.

Port Blair

Port Blair

With so many must visit places around Port Blair, you can plan to stay there for two or three days. In case you have any other places which should be added to the list, drop a word in comment below.


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