How Travelspice helped me experience a luxury hotel for a nominal cost

Who doesn’t like luxury if it comes at a throw away price! I am always on the lookout for such deals be it fancy restaurants serving food on offer or inexpensive flight tickets to not so pocket friendly destinations or stay in luxury hotels at a nominal price.

So when I thought of pampering my kiddo sister before her wedding, I came across which is a unique online hotel booking platform. It lets you enjoy the luxury of 4 star , 5 star hotels at a much discounted price.

Curious? Read on to know how you can save upto 70% on amazing hotels.

How does work?

Travelspice is an online hotel booking platform where one bids for the hotel category in a particular destination and locality. Travelspice brings to you the unsold rooms of the premium hotels at a discounted rate. One can bid for these rooms as per one’s pocket. Travelspice lets the listed hotels know about the bid offer and the hotel which agrees gets allotted to you. It surely is a win win for the hotels and the customers too. The booking process is easy peasy and quite self explanatory, yet here is the flow of the process.

  1. Enter the destination, dates and number of people on the Travelspice app.


2. Choose the location of the city, then choose the category of hotel you want to stay in

3. Check out the list of the hotels in that particular category.

4. Enter Bid amount for that category as per the suggested bid range.

5. Review the date, number of guests, amount and taxes before making the final payment.

6. Enter your details to receive the booking confirmation.

Within an hour, I got an email from Travelspice with booking confirmation. I was allotted with Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur which is a palatial resort and with the kind of little money I had spent, I was absolutely on cloud nine. The customer service of Travelspice surely deserves a mention as they called to confirm the booking and also gave a reminder call a day before the check in.

Review of Ajit Bhawan, hotel booked through Travelspice

As our car entered the huge iron gates of the hotel, the red stone palace unveiled itself to me. I was delighted to spend a night in the palace resort. As we parked our car against the collection of vintage high end cars, I got a little skeptical if we have entered the right hotel or if there are two hotels with the same name. I mean, who gets to see this kind of luxury for INR 2000.
Wait for more, this was just the beginning!

We were greeted by the humble staff with whom we had a small talk and we told them the reason of our stay. Upon hearing that my little sister is getting married, they upgraded us to the higher category of the room. By now, I had stopped believing my stars, the day was getting better and better every passing moment. We checked in to this lovely vintage suite which bowled me over. The white Rajasthani embroidered bed cover on a king size comfy bed, wall ornated with vintage weapons. The room was chic and equipped with all modern amenities like bar, coffee maker, LED, plush bathroom, spacious closet. I didn’t imagine that I will immersing in this luxury and more for the nominal amount I had spent.

My sister couldn’t contain her excitement and as soon as the staff left the room, she started jumping with joy. My day was made. That’s what I wanted to gift her before her wedding. We had an appetizing lunch and relaxed for a while. Towards evening, we took a leisure stroll of the property and hit the gorgeous pool. The highlight of the property has to be the utterly sumptuous swimming pool of Ajit Bhawan. What a beauty it was!

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Things to Note before booking a hotel through Travelspice

  1. You get the basic room and breakfast through whereas if you need an upgrade, you can get in touch with the hotel for the same.
  2. The booking is non refundable on but if the bid is not accepted by any of the hotels and your booking doesn’t get through, total amount will be refunded to you.
  3. If you have a specific luxury hotel in mind, Travelspice doesn’t guarantee the same hotel.
  4. You can opt out of a few hotels while booking through Travelspice.

When are you indulging in luxury without burning a hole in your pocket?

Although this post is sponsored by TravelSpice, yet the review of the booking process and the resort is my personal opinion.

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