A roadtrip itinerary from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia

Having seen most of South east Asia, I was beyond excited to step my foot on another continent. It was Australia which had kept me dreaming of it as soon as I had booked the flight tickets. Would you believe that I had booked the tickets more than a year in advance when I got an unbelievable offer. Yes, that’s how crazy I am! Even before I booked the flights, I knew that it is going to be the roadtrip in Australia for me. I absolutely had no plans of flying from one place to another because it’s not the glittering city life which had excited me but the small towns, villages along the beautiful coastline and some inland pretty places of Australia.

Although Rajat and I did a roadtrip from Melbourne to Gold Coast but this post will only cover the scenic drive and itinerary of the roadtrip from Melbourne to Sydney and the remaining stretch, I will detail out in my next post.

Day 1 – Drive along the Great Ocean Road to Twelve Apostles from Melbourne

We landed in Melbourne and crashed at a friend’s place for the night. The next day was our Day 1 in Australia officially. The next morning we were not quite jetlagged probably because of the excitement to explore the country. It was a relaxed morning and I was yet to believe the serenity of the place. After a sumptuous breakfast, three of us, Prateek (my friend), Rajat and I set out for the popular Great Ocean Drive. We reached Twelve Apostles in around 3 hours from Prateek’s place and it goes without saying what a gorgeous drive it was. We spent a lot of time there exploring the surroundings of Twelve apostles before we headed back to Melbourne.

Day 2 – Explore Melbourne’s Central Business District 

I was already in love with the vibe of the country by now. It was the day to get the feel of the city life in Melbourne and what’s more appropriate than exploring CBD on foot. There are many places which need to be seen and I saw almost all of those which I had planned for. Starting from Hosier Street Art lane which is known for amazing wall graffiti to Melbourne Cricket Ground which Rajat was so excited for, to a walk along the Yarra river to the State Library of Victoria to Federation Square to taking the free city circle tram to tour the city. We spent the night chatting with my aunt and her family who have been in Melbourne for years.

Day 3 – Drive from Melbourne to Walhalla to Lakes Entrance

On this day, we had picked our rental car and drove towards Walhalla. It’s an old gold town with a population of around 20 people and is popularly known for its Long Gully extended Gold Mines and the Walhalla Goldfields Railway. We explored one of the gold mines as part of the guided tours. I am glad that I put this on the itinerary as everything about this town was so vintage and calm.

It was mid day when we left Walhalla and drove towards Lakes Entrance. It is a gorgeous coastal town which is known for Gippslands lakes, a vast system of inland waterways and has a ninety mile beach. Lakes Entrance boasts of a vast variety of water birds, pelicans and dolphins.

Day 4 – Drive from Lakes Entrance to Genoa Peak to Mallacoota to Eden

We spent wee hours in Lake entrance walking till the boardwalk where the lakes meet the Ocean. Next stop for the day is Genoa peak which is situated in Croajingalong National Park. It’s an easy 30 minute hike from the car park and the views are stupendous from the peak.

All this while we hadn’t spotted a Kangaroo and it was time that we saw them. So, just to spot a kangaroo, we drove to Mallacoota Golf Course and we were in for the biggest surprise. We saw so many kangaroos on the golfcourse, some playing with their families, some just chilling and some even posed for us.

We reached Eden almost by the sunset, shopped for some groceries from a super mart and retired for the day.

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Day 5 – Drive from Eden to Haycock Point to Bermagui to Narooma

The day began early this day and we started exploring Eden. With reaching the famous Eden Killer Whale museum, the day started right. Eden was so beautiful that I almost thought of spending rest of my vacation there. With places like two-fold bay, Eden wharf , Eden Look out point and our private spot (that has to be the highlight of my trip), there was more and enough to see around Eden.

Another beautiful spot near Eden is the Haycock point where we saw the rainbow rocks and had the entire beach to ourselves. The eroded rusted rocks with moss and gorgeous blues of waters cannot really be put in words. I am glad we put this on our itinerary.

I had seen so many pictures of the natural swimming pool in Australia and one such very popular spot called “The Blue Pool” was on our way in Bermagui. It had gotten quite cold by the time we reached there, so we missed the chance of swimming in the pool. Nevertheless, the views were so mesmerizing that we spent a good time there.

We drove a little further and retired for the day only after reaching Narooma.

Day 6 – Drive from Narooma to Bateman’s Bay to Pebbly Beach to Kiama  to Sydney

Narooma looked to be a pretty coastal town. With a rather laid back life, we enjoyed the time at our pace in Narooma. Started the day with watching many seals chilling in the waters. Also, at the same place, Australia rock could be seen. It’s a hole in the rock almost in the shape of Australia. There is also an island called Montague island where one can swim with the seals.

Next stop was Bateman’s bay where we chilled by the beach for a while before heading further to the Pebbly Beach. Pebbly beach is known for kangaroos strolling on the beach. And indeed it was a sight to behold to see kangaroos hopping at the beach.

We drove further to reach Kiama blow-hole and I was left in awe to see how nature amazes us every single time. The blow-hole sprays up a lot of water to some height enough to drench the bystanders. A lot of tourists flock to see the spectacle.

The plan was to reach Sydney this day and we drove a few km more to hit Sydney and retire for the day.

All the places I mentioned above need to be talked in huge detail for the gorgeous and must visit places these are. Hence a bunch of posts about these places will follow.


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  1. Wow! How did you get that offer? and so beautifully composed <3

    1. saakshimaheshwari says: Reply

      Hey, Air Asia was running a sale last year! Thanks so much for such kind words.

  2. A very well documented post Sakshi. Made for interesting reading. And your pictures are proverbial Icing on the Cake.

    1. saakshimaheshwari says: Reply

      Thanks Vimal. I am glad you liked it. Lots more about Australia coming up on my blog 🙂

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