Exploring Twelve Apostles near Melbourne, Australia

I was on my trip of lifetime in Australia last November. With my tickets booked a year in advance, I was counting my days to fly to Australia. But with the visa hiccup, I was losing hopes of making it to Australia. After several follow ups and calls to the embassy, I got the visa just a day before flying. I plan to write all about Visa process for Australia in my subsequent posts. We travelled to Melbourne via Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia for the price of INR 21K to and fro Australia. If you also look for cheap flights to travel far and abroad, you can check out a fellow blogger friend’s blog for all the updates – http://www.airlineblog.in/

Twelve Apostles

Journey from Bengaluru, India to Melbourne, Australia

We left in Ksrtc bus from Bengaluru for Chennai. That’s where the inexpensive tickets were from. After having a sumptuous dinner at the airport lounge, we boarded our flight for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a few hours, we landed at Kuala Lumpur and passed time for 4 hours before hopping to our flight to Melbourne. With plenty of options to engage in at the airport, hours went in a jiffy. Upon reaching Melbourne, I was beyond excited. We headed to my friend Prateek’s place and crashed for the night.

Vibe of Australia

What a beautiful morning we woke upto! The vibe of the country was already starting to take over. The gorgeous clear blue skies, the serene landscapes, the beautiful row houses and the spick and span roads. Oh, I was already loving the fresh air and abundant greenery in the country. After hearty conversations of our college times over soulful breakfast at Prateek’s place, we headed to visit the famous Twelve Apostles. This was just the beginning of our roadtrip in Australia.

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Drive to Twelve Apostles

The plan was to drive through the Great Ocean Road and reach Twelve Apostles. It is known that this drive is utterly scenic and mesmerizing. Ofcourse what else would you expect if the road runs parallely to the ocean, some stupendous beaches and limestone rocks. It’s a little longer route to Twelve Apostles than taking the countryside, so we thought of taking the countryside while going and the plan was to take Great Ocean Road on our way back. The countryside was stunning with laiden green fields, tall swinging trees dotting the boundaries of roads, the livestock in the farms and hardly any people on the road. Few miles in the drive, I popped my head out of the sunroof of Prateek’s car, the winds caressed my face and hair wanting me to embrace it all. I honestly didn’t mind missing Great Ocean Road for this epic experience. Yes, I am a person of small joys!


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Razor Back View Point

After a drive of around 3 hours, we reached Twelve Apostles. We drove pass the main look out point as the number of cars and people around the point made us stay away from the main landmark point. We drove a little further to Razor Back view point from where a few apostles were seen, but the view was absolutely breathtaking from here and the crowd was also comparatively much lesser there. The waves crashing into the huge limestone rocks made for a sight which I will behold for a long time.

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Our Secluded point near Twelve Apostles

This view was amazing but we took a few more pit stops before reaching “our” spot. The entire place was ours and the sense of calm and peace I got there is definitely beyond words. The waves crashed into the limestone cliffs and rose around 6 feet high. I had never witnessed such roaring waves before. I had forgotten about the picture of Twelve Apostles which I had seen all this while looking for things to do in Melbourne, on airport and while planning my trip to Australia. That moment at the secluded spot we had found for ourselves, all I wanted was to lie down and soak in all the nature’s beauty which was right in front of my eyes.

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Experience at the Twelve Apostles look out point

After spending good number of hours, we thought of checking the main Twelve Apostles look out point. Even before reaching the point, looking at the crowd I was already disappointed. The place was flooded with tourists posing in all possible angles. Undoubtedly the views were fantastic from the lookout point but the maddening rush made sure that I stay at the point only to tick it off from my list.

Pitstop at Apollo Bay on our way back

It was time to head back and we took a quick bite break at a small town of Apollo Bay. I had a good stroll on the beach of this town till the time boys got the food packed. It was a pretty beach only with a few seagulls and locales for the company. We chilled and ate to our heart’s content while gazing at the waves of the ocean. It was almost dark and we drove through the dense forest and yet skipped the Great Ocean Road as it was the longer route. But yet again the surreal sunset during the drive made up for it.

Sometimes you don’t end up taking the planned route but the memories you create on your altered route make up and more for the missed adventure.

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      Glad you liked it! There’s more coming on my blog about Australia

  1. Fabulous pictures Sakshi! And the detailed account. Thoroughly enjoyed the post. My nephew lives in Melbourne and your post is instigating me to pay him a visit. 🙂

    1. saakshimaheshwari says: Reply

      Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Australia is beautiful beyond words 🙂

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