Exploring Thekkady with Spice Grove Resort

From being treated to views of abundant greens right from my bed to gorging on the authentic Kerala delicacies to going off roading in the hills of Thekkady, Spice Groves Resort wowed me in every possible way.

Spice Grove Thekkady

I was on a break from my continual travels since last 2 months and was desperately looking for a way to make to mountains in the month of April. While Himalayas was on my mind for this trip but travelling to Himalayas from Bangalore needs a lot of planning and burns a decent size hole in pocket. Instead, I zeroed down on exploring hills of South India and headed to my most favorite state of South – Kerala.  Having visited Munnar so many times before, I finalized Thekkady for this trip.

I packed myself a small bag and hopped on to the bus to Thekkady which is at an overnight distance from Bangalore. The mornings of hill station are absolutely magical with unadulterated freshness and a slight nip in the air even in the summers. The kind folks at Spice Grove Resort, Thekkady had arranged a pick up for me from the Kumily bus stand where the buses from Bangalore stop. We zapped through the empty uphill streets of Thekkady and reached the resort.

After a quick check in, I was shown my room and to say the least, I was stunned to see the honeymoon suite they had offered me.  By the way, did I mention I was travelling alone? But who minds the huge bed with magnificent views from the bed room window, a kick ass balcony overlooking abundant greens. After hopping through the suite, I quickly freshened up, got ready and dived straight into my yum breakfast. The resort looked very inviting, hence I asked for a property tour. The Spice Grove Resort is a resort with 32 rooms with 4 categories, an ayurveda spa, recreation center, a multi cuisine restaurant, a bar, a conference room and a swimming pool.

Spice Grove Thekkady

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After the property visit, I lounged for a while in my balcony and clicked a lot of pictures of the gorgeous view. Time passed in a jiffy and the restaurant staff called me for lunch. I must mention it was not an ordinary lunch but a huge platter of Kerala special food. It had so much variety that I knew I will only be able to take up a few bites of every dish. The efforts put in cooking the Kerala thali was clearly seen. It wasn’t only the mind-blowing food but also the hospitality and warmth of the staff which made the meal extremely delicious.

Soon after lunch, we headed to explore Thekkady. Today’s plan was to go on a jeep safari and enjoy the wilderness of the jungles and scenic views of the mountains. The jeep ride was just what I wanted after a long break from travels. It was raw, rustic and full of adventure. We covered four view points with every view-point having better views from the previous one. The lush green mountains were an extremely pleasant sight for my mountain deprived eyes. I just wanted to sit on those meadows and watch the sun go down. But our driver would keep saying ” Madam, this is nothing in front of what lies next”. We finally went on our way to check the fourth view-point and I suddenly see a very steep muddy way. I had never been on an off roading excursion and to go off roading in mountains was not even in my distant dreams. But here I was, holding tight to the handles inside the jeep and almost glueing myself to the seat while we went down that incline. This wasn’t all, the incline further up was actually nerve wrecking and there was definitely a moment when I thought that the jeep will flip and we will be off the hill. The driver was a pro and we climbed the incline like a breeze. In no time, the mist enveloped us and the top of the hill. That’s exactly what I was craving for. I started dancing on some inaudible tunes which were playing in my mind. The driver and the staff member who were with me clicked at least a hundred pictures of me going nuts. But all I cared was to soak in the views around. The colored houses, the green cover of mountains, the strolling clouds and the dancing mist had made my day.

I thought the day was over but the driver took us to this spectacular spot which showed me the best sunset ever. There were no roads to this place, in fact the tracks looked too risky to take a chance. But for the best views in the world, you trust your instinct and keep moving. The wild colorful flowers paved the way to this point. Upon reaching, I was sure that I was meant to indulge in these pristine views of Thekkady, hence couldn’t materialize my plans to Himalayas. Honestly, South has impressed me so much that I don’t mind missing Himalayas on certain days. I watched the sun go down and basked in its glory till I was called out to get back inside the jeep.

With my wandering thoughts, we got back to the resort and I got to eat another delicious Kerala cuisine. I almost had gone into a food coma after this meal. That’s how I explore the place by indulging in rawness of it, eating its traditional delicacies and letting locals how me around.

The next day was about checking out the organic farm of Spice Grove resorts. It is at a few kms from the property but It can’t be at any better place. The caretaker of the farm along with his wife grows over a hundred types of veggies there. From a variety of chillies to a variety of bananas to papayas to mangos to gourds to jackfruit to spinach to mint to coriander, they grow most of the veggies used at the restaurant in-house. Isn’t that cool? It was very cool but the most awesome part of this place was the views overlooking the dense forest and plains of Tamil Nadu. It was extremely sunny but I was barely able to manage my balance because of the wind. I in fact grabbed my novel, sat at the huge rock and read for a while. All this while, I had forgotten that I have not had my breakfast but the super caring staff at Spice Grove had packed me a breakfast of freshly cut fruits, a huge glass of juice and some delicious in-house cookies. And here I was having my breakfast by the pretty looking view-point.

After we got back, I spent the remaining day working on some deliverables. Oh yes, bloggers have to work even at the prettiest of locations. During the entire day, the wonderful staff kept asking me for juice, food, coffee and probably everything they could cook for me. I was a pampered princess all during  my stay at Spice Grove Resort.

Next morning, I bid my bye to the entire staff who took immense care of me throughout my stay and treated me quite royally. For me, the warmth and hospitality of the resort matters more than the luxurious room or the views from the fascinating balcony. And Spice Grove resort simply outdid my expectations. I can’ wait to be back at this resort with my family.


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  1. A truly royal experience

  2. You surely have some fabulous pictures here Sakshi, enough to inspire a tour to Thekkady. And the food in your platter looks so yum! All in all, a great write up.
    I would recommend another gem of Kerala to you. It is Vagamon on the Kottayam Idduki border. It is another beautiful and less explored hill station. I have a post on this in my blog. You can go through it at https://www.gowithvimal.com/2018/07/india-travel-unexplored-treasure-of.html.

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