Rejuvenate Your Senses at Thekkady with Your Family

Kerala is an immensely popular tourist destination with tourists from all over the world. Historically, many travellers and traders from around the world have undertaken a voyage to the state for its aromatic, exotic spices and ivory. Kerala comprises of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, Kingdom of Zamorin and the princely state of Cochin.

There are many stunningly beautiful places to visit in Kerala, Thekkady being one such magnificent destination. The places to visit in Thekkady are abundant in flora and fauna, and travellers enjoy the rich culture of Kerala through its wildlife sanctuaries, vibrant dance forms, ancient temples, serene beaches, and colourful festivals. The best time to visit Thekkady is throughout the year as Kerala has lush greenery and offers a fantastic climate for tourism. However, you can enjoy the resorts in Thekkady and the fantastic weather from October to February and June to September.

Let us look at some of the amazing things to do and places to visit in Thekkady here:

  1. Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary
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Ideal for a Visit from October to February

Situated deep in the Western Ghats, the Periyar Wildlife Century is also known as the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary among the locals and is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Thekkady, Kerala. Periyar Lake is at the centre of the sanctuary. A variety of aquatic life, trees, flowers, animals and birds make the ecology of Periyar Lake truly diverse and precious. You will need more than a day to explore this sanctuary which is spread across an area of 675 square kilometres.

You can get completely engrossed in observing the magnificent flora and fauna here; this wonderland of hundreds of grass species, flowering plants, orchids, animals and birds is on the top of the list of the places to visit in Thekkady. You can challenge your friends and family to spot rare species like the Lion Tailed Macaques, for instance. Enjoy trekking with your friends and take a ride on the back of an elephant to end a brilliant day. This amazing wildlife sanctuary will surely rejuvenate your senses in Thekkady.

  1. Temple of Mangla Devi and the Waterfalls at Chellarkovil

Ideal for a Visit from June to September

The monsoons are a fantastic time to visit Kerala, and especially Thekkady. There are many fun-filled places to visit in Thekkady, and the monsoon makes the entire experience even more memorable. The temperature drops and the environs get fully covered with a lush green blanket. The rains are also a superb time to enjoy the blooming glory of Thekkady. It is a good idea to carry essential items like an umbrella or raincoat along with you since the rain is quite heavy and frequent.

In this season, make sure you visit the Mangala Devi Temple; it is a sight to behold during the rains and another of the must-visit places in Thekkady. The waterfalls at Chellarkovil cascade down gloriously with great force of water during the heavy downpour. Do not venture under the waterfalls; it might be too dangerous. Always carry safety gear before swimming or boating.

You can visit Thekkady almost throughout the year. However, the most pleasant weather can be enjoyed between October to February and June to September. In fact, the resorts in Thekkady offer a breathtakingly beautiful view of nature during monsoon.

While in Thekkady, stay at the Club Mahindra Thekkady Resort in Kerala. The property offers comfortable and spacious rooms with a host of modern amenities. It also near all the popular places to visit in Thekkady. What’s more, the resorts have an in-house restaurant where you and your family can relish some delicious local cuisine of Kerala. The recipes will satisfy your cravings for delectable, farm fresh natural food.

Before booking your stay, do read the numerous Club Mahindra reviews online. Plan your trip to Thekkady to experience some immense natural beauty and enjoyable weather of Kerala.

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