20 pictures from Maldives which will make you visit the country in 2020

Maldives for me was about those soul touching turquoise blues, the small friendly local islands, the local delicacies, relaxed and calm days at the beach, lot of reading and spending great time with Rajat.

I always thought Maldives to be a destination for honeymooners who’d like to splurge on the fancy water villas in the luxurious resort islands. I often wondered that I would probably never visit Maldives because there was nothing for me in the country. But all of this was proven wrong after my perfect vacation to Maldives.

I have so much to tell about this gorgeous country of islands but I am starting with sharing the stunning pictures which will make your heart skip a beat and will make sure that next destination you visit will be Maldives.

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the magnificent blues of Maldives?


  1. The small not so popular islands are left all to you where you can indulge in some memorable time. Also,  the water swings in the ocean make for the most instagrammable pictures.



2. There will always be a private place for you and your partner to spend great quality time in Maldives. We ended up spending a lot of time gazing at the water for hours, that’s just our way of being with each other.



3. In Maldives, the sunsets really can’t be in described in words. Just immerse yourself in things you like doing. For me, I clicked to my heart’s content while enjoying the sunsets every single evening.



4. Feel free to wear what you like! I attempted to wear bikini for the first time in my life and oh buoy, I felt confident carrying it like never before. So, go on and do things which you want to.



5. The landscape so surreal that your heart will rejuvenate from within. And we all know, if our heart is relaxed and happy, no one can stop us from taking on the world.



6. How can a storm be magical, you wonder? Here is a one gorgeous moment which felt most calming even though the storm approached us in all its might. I feel storm outside is better than storm inside.



7. Spend the time with your loved one, staring at the magic put by the nature. I could sit here for hours only if this restless man of mine hadn’t started feeling hungry. 😀



8. The white sand and sun kissed boats surely will make your skip a heart beat or two. So, brace yourself with all the beauty of this stunning country called Maldives.



9. The water villas are definitely mesmerising even though they ought to leave a burn in your pocket. I didn’t spend on water villas but got enough opportunity to click those from the middle of the ocean.



10. The street art and the graffitis cannot be missed on the local islands. Be sure to spot them and appreciate the hard work gone behind the art.



11. The play of sun, sand and varied colours of sea will leave you overwhelmed and craving for more. I didn’t think it will break my heart to leave Maldives till the time I hadn’t visited Maldives.



12. If this doesn’t entice you to visit the country, then I don’t know what will! My visit totally broke the misconception I had about this country. I always thought it to be expensive, only suitable for honeymooners and just another beach country, but I was so so wrong!



13. Spend some time introspecting, rather spend loads of time introspecting on the no man beaches of Maldives. Because introspection hurts no one!



14. Playful times at the beaches with the partner will be cherished for a long long time. Don’t trust me? How about we bet on this one?



15. Not getting enough time to finish that unread book which you have been reading for months? Take the book, hit the beach and leave the country with one accomplished task of finishing the book.



16. The islands of this country generally are teeny weeny and can be covered on foot in no time. All you will need on a comforting vacation is present on the islands. I used to walk around the entire island at least twice a day, because who minds enough cardio!



17. Enough and more greenery to soothe your eyes and make up for the best walking trail. Wherever my eyes used to go, it was either blue or green! How’s that for a perfect vacay!



18. Ok, Quizzzz time! How many shades of blue do you see there?

2? 3? 4? Final – 5?    I say – see again!!!



19. Take this beach vacation for sanity of mind – of yours and your partner’s. Thank me later!



20. This is a dream click. Don’t I look to be embracing it all? The wind in my hair, the swing in the ocean, the sand in my feet and abundance of mind boggling views.



If you haven’t yet started to look for a ticket to Maldives, it’s alright! Let me give you a budget itinerary for Maldives in the next post and then you will be sorted for this vacation.

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