Thailand – For honeymoon or not?

Thailand - For honeymoon or not

Honeymoon in Thailand?

They said ” Are you really planning your honeymoon in Thailand? It’s for bachelor parties, for crazy singlehood fun and definitely not for a honeymoon.” The naive travellers in us gave in to their opinions and sadly chose a different place for our honeymoon but Thailand stayed at the top of our mind all the while till our first wedding anniversary. And this time, we didn’t listen to others’ suggestions and headed for our first international trip to Thailand. 

Excitement of first International Trip to Thailand

It was around 7 years ago and the memories from our Thailand trip are still fresh. You know that’s the charm of first international travel, ain’t it? Also, in India, the first year of marriage is spent in a thousand rituals, fun and exhausting long celebrations. Hence, we were looking forward to some relaxing and rejuvenating time from all the non-stop cacophony of the entire previous year. Having seen thousands of breathtaking pictures of Thailand online, both of us were looking forward to visiting the country. We bought our first DSLR camera, booked our first ever luxury stays, private chauffeur driven cars, ticked off all the must visit places for first timers in Thailand and most importantly rediscovered each other even after dating for 10 long years. Thailand was special, in fact it still is very special!

You see, I was neither a travel blogger nor even a traveller back then, so travelling was new and on top of it, the whole idea of travelling to a new country was nerve-racking but Thailand was so full of warmth and comfort that I didn’t feel out of place at all. Infact, the beautiful country only added the required fuel to my now wanderlust. 

Travel Itinerary for Thailand as first timers

On our itinerary were the most popular places of Thailand – Krabi, Phuket and Bangkok. Krabi was all things nature and scenery. I couldn’t believe the gorgeous landscape and was in awe of the city. The mind boggling blue beaches, local markets selling never seen before sea food and the rebooting vibe of the city was everything I wanted at the start of my much awaited Thailand trip. We went on one day trips to the famous Phi phi island and Chicken island, and saw the famous long tail boat for the first time. Jumped hesitantly in the open waters for the first time and were absolutely mesmerized by the marine life in Thailand.

Next was Phuket, truly a party place! I will never forget what I experienced on the fanous Bangla street, it was all things lights and glitter. Honestly, it looked otherworldly to me! And then there was Bangkok where we concluded our 7 days long trip. Mall hopping, crazy shopping spree and fine dining was the highlight of Bangkok. What more a girl could ask on her first anniversary celebration! 

So, if somebody tells you otherwise about making Thailand your honeymoon destination, don’t listen to them and go for an experience which no other country would give you! 

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  1. If you visit Thailand again, go North to places like Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai. Not sure why many Indians do not visit the place maybe because the south has beaches. North is completely different and cheaper.
    Thailand was my first international travel too. I was there for 2 months. I spent 2 weeks island hopping and then lived the remaining days in mostly Chiang Mai and a day visit to Chiang Rai & Laos Border when my sister and her husband visited me.

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