Vagamon – An offbeat hill station in Kerala

I call a place offbeat till the time beautiful spots at that place doesn’t have names. That’s exactly why I call Vagamon an offbeat hill station in Kerala. On my last trip to Kerala, I wanted my itinerary to have a mix of places, some of which I encounter on my own and some which are popular and touristy, so that I don’t miss out on any worth visiting places.

It was more than a year since we had ventured out on our travels, thus I wanted to choose a place which satisfies my urge of seeing mountains and beaches. Ahhh, I am greedy like that! Anyways, Kerala is a state where one can be at mountains and beaches within few hours of drive. Honestly, I am obsessed with Kerala but this blog is about Vagamon, an offbeat hill station in Kerala.

Road Trip from Cochin to Vagamon

Rajat and I nervously took our first flight in a year which had seen worst of the pandemic world has ever seen. The flight landed in Cochin and from there we took our zoom car, which we had booked in advance. Fuelled the blue hatchback and we left Cochin to explore an offbeat hill station Vagamon. But before that, we had to fuel ourselves as well and thus we took a stop at a nice restaurant called Supreme Upper Crust Restaurant. Ofcourse, our first meal had to be a local cuisine, so we tried Puddu and Kadala Curry. It was so good that we knew we have started the trip on absolutely right note.

After stuffing ourselves, we hit the roads and enjoyed the scenes on the roads of Kerala. Locals doing their things, old antique houses, churches and gorgeous landscape of the God’s own country. It was a total delight to be doing a road trip in Kerala. While staring out of the window all the while, we didn’t realise that it’s been 3 hours on the road and we reached our hotel WinterVale Vagamon.

Winter Vale Green Stay resort – Vagamon

At the resort Winter Vale Green Stay, we were welcomed with a welcome tea and straight away taken to our room. The decoration was so personalized that it instantly brought a huge smile to my face. We rested for a bit and then headed for our lunch. After gobbling our delicious lunch, we rushed to see an in-house hill which gives a 360 degree view of Vagamon. We couldn’t believe that view point was inside the private property where we were staying. Although it was an overcast day, so couldn’t see the sunset but the hues in the sky left me mesmerised. Imagine, a private view point free of clutter and crowd, just to yourself! A special evening indeed!

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Before we knew, it started getting dark and we got back to our resort’s restaurant for dinner. It was a special meal with all things local. Rajat and I make it a point to try out as many local dishes as we can because there’s nothing like feeling all the things which make up that place and food is integral to every travel destination. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner, planned our next day and hit the bed for a good night sleep.

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When we travel, we make sure to wake up early to soak in all the bird chirps, extra fresh air and the calm around. We were ready before 8 am and headed to our breakfast. It was a special arrangement done by the hotel where they had placed our table outside the restaurant from where we could enjoy the magnificent views of the hills. And where do I even begin about the food! It was a massive feast! We were spoiled for choice. That breakfast table had everything we could hope for during our time in Kerala. Idiyappam Egg roast, Puttu Kadala Curry, Idli Vada Sambhar, Dosa, fruits and so much more! We gulped everything down with delicious kerala tea and started our day on foodgasmic note.

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Things to do in Vagamon – Kurisu Mala

Our jeep driver bhaiya came right on time to show us around Vagamon. We hopped on to the jeep and meandered through the hill roads of Vagamon. Driver bhaiya asked us the places we are interested in seeing, but we told him to show us the places which he himself loves to go to. He smiled and drove us to the popular pilgrim centre Kurisu Mala known for christian pilgrimage. The views were spectacular from there and it is situated amidst the most gorgeous landscape. But you can give it a miss if you aren’t looking to visit a religious place on your trip to Vagamon.

Things to do in Vagamon – Thangal Para

Next stop was Thangal para which offers the views of rolling greens, the cloud kissed peaks and a sense of calm. Although it’s a religious place for Muslims where a Sufi baba with his followers had stayed around 800 years ago, I walked up the hill for the breathtaking views from there. Spent a lot of time gazing at the beautiful scenery around me. In those moments, I felt nothing but tremendously grateful.

Things to do in Vagamon – Offroading on a hill

Now, it was time for some adventure. Our driver bhaiya took us to do some serious off-roading. Initially when we started driving towards the hill top, my heart did miss a beat or two but eventually I started enjoying the bumpy ride. And once we reached the top of the hill, the views made me dance like a crazy person. Also, there was no one other than us, so, had the entire view point to myself. I mean not many people dare to do this crazy adventure of hopping onto a jeep which is moving upwards even without knowing what’s in the front. No roller coster ride can replace this sense of adventure which I experienced during off-roading in Vagamon.

Things to do in Vagamon – Suicide Point

I have never heard of a hill station which doesn’t have a Suicide Point. I don’t know why they name those gorgeous points Suicide Point when they make you feel the most alive. And there was one such Suicide Point in Vagamon too. The layers of greys which were seen from there were unimaginably scenic. The abundant greens, the valleys and mind boggling sky color left me in awe of the view point. My most favourite view point in Vagamon was this one, where I spent the most time and still couldn’t get enough of the delicious views.

Things to do in Vagamon – Vagamon Meadows

Thereafter, we headed to explore the most popular things of Vagamon which is Vagamon Meadows. I had never seen any sort of meadows before but these vast open grasslands which looked almost rolling to me were so beautiful. A lot of people were having their picnics there and the entire place looked so relaxing. I rolled on the grass for sometime, sat there and absorbed every moment of my time there. Walked on the grass barefoot and never felt this happier. I didn’t know walking on the grass barefoot could be so therapeutic. If you are looking for a place to relax in Vagamon, I’d definitely recommend going to Vagamon meadows.

Things to do in Vagamon – Pine forests of Vagamon

Next in line was the very famous Pine forests of Vagamon. It was too crowded but the tall pines were spectacular. So, we spent some time there, clicked a bunch of pictures and walked out. Trust me, if it was not crowded, I would have loved to spend hours there because those tall pines looked absolutely pretty. Now, was the time to get back to the resort and relax for a while.

Things to do in Vagamon – Try Kerala Sadhya

As soon as we reached hotel, we were invited for an elaborate Kerala Sadhya which is a feast generally cooked on festivals and special occasions. We were beyond excited to indulge in Kerala Sadhya because it’s the meal which we look forward to every time we travel to Kerala. There was a banana leaf put on the table to serve us Sadhya and then the delicacies started to get served. It was such an extensive Sadhya that I knew I wouldn’t be able to step out for our evening plan after having so much of the yum food. There were all kinds of chutneys, veggies, dal, sambhar and sweets. What a filling meal it was! 

Things to do in Vagamon -Uluppuni waterfalls

We walked around the hotel to digest that huge meal we had and saw that clouds almost engulfed the entire place. What a view it was! I was overwhelmed! We strolled around for some time and suddenly heard a car horn. It was our driver bhaiya, all set to take us on our next adventure. We off-roaded again on some broken roads and reached Uluppuni waterfalls which were so refreshing. A lot of people were playing in the water and having a great time there. I watched from far and felt delighted to see those people having fun. 

Things to do in Vagamon – Offroading in a river

Then our driver bhaiya took us for a water off-roading. I am sure he would have sensed our love for adventure. It was a shallow river and the only way to cross it was to drive over it and those splashes made up for a fun off-roading experience. I would have told you the name of the place if I had known it, but the best way to experience these things is by asking the locals. It was almost dark by this time. We cruised through the hill roads of Vagamon to reach our resort.

Candle Light Dinner at Winter Vale Green Stay Resort, Vagamon

The extremely hospitable people at WinterVale Green Stay Resort had arranged for a gorgeous candle light dinner and never before I felt this under dressed. There were candles, flowers and beautiful table set up when we arrived at the restaurant. On top of that, we were treated so royally that left me feeling so grateful. We were served with local style fish, egg curry and our favorite Kerala parotta. Okay, I really can’t stop talking about their expertise of preparing local cuisine. They know their spices and dishes too well.

Last stop in Vagamon – Marmala Waterfalls

We left with a heavy heart next morning. Entire staff of the resort came to bid us goodbye. These moments will remain etched on my mind for a very long time. Next stop was Allepey, but on the way, we decided to take a quick pitstop at the gorgeous Marmala falls. We couldn’t go to the top of the falls because we couldn’t find the way and settled to have fun at the bottom part of the falls which opened in a pond sort of water body. I sat down on one of the rocks and played with water for a while before leaving for Allepey.

My heart was so full when I left Vagamon and I promised myself to visit this cozy hill town again! 

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