Thailand – For honeymoon or not?

Thailand - For honeymoon or not

They said ” Are you really planning your honeymoon in Thailand? It’s for bachelor parties, for crazy singlehood fun and definitely not for a honeymoon.” The naive travellers in us gave in to their opinions and sadly chose a different place for our honeymoon but Thailand stayed at the top of our mind all the while till our first wedding anniversary. And this time, we didn’t listen to others’ suggestions and headed for our first international trip to Thailand. 

Bhimbetka Caves – A must half day trip from Bhopal

TweetImagine walking amidst a place which is now named as Bhimbetka Caves, where ancient humans showed their creative expression for the first time around 10,000 years ago. How would it have been ? What would they have used to create those depressions, marks and paintings? How would they have perceived the idea of drawing something? […]

20 pictures from Maldives which will make you visit the country in 2020

I always thought Maldives to be a destination for honeymooners who’d like to splurge on the fancy water villas in the luxurious resort islands. I often wondered that I would probably never visit Maldives because there was nothing for me in the country. But all of this was proven wrong after my perfect vacation to Maldives.

3 surprising things you didn’t know about holidaying in Egypt


TweetIt’s one of the most historic and spectacular countries on earth. Egypt: a place of incredible beauty, rich culture and celebrated landmarks. For 4,000 years the grandeur of the ancient pyramids has been the symbol of this majestic country – we’ve all seen the films, read the books and marvelled at the photographs, but what […]