Bhutan in 20 pictures

A friend - A: Hey, suggest some foreign country for my next vacation. I: Hmm, have you been to Bhutan? A: Nope, but I want to see an actual foreign country. Tell me some other countries ya. Have been thinking of going to Paris.  I: Do you want to see a country with breathtaking picturesque... Continue Reading →

Postcards from Gujarat

"It's bad manners to keep a vacation waiting" - Anonymous As every time, this time too, I could not keep my vacation waiting and thus the delay in this post. I had been travelling far and abroad for last few weeks but sharing this post had been on my mind. So, as promised here are some... Continue Reading →

A day in Colombo – Things to do

Tweet How many of us have shown foreigners our country without expecting any favors? I admit, I haven't till now.  But after my recent experience with a travel start up of Sri Lanka, I am determined to take incomers around my country whole heartedly, every time I get a chance. While planning my trip to Sri lanka,  I... Continue Reading →

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