5 unexpectedly exciting destinations to visit in Asia

destinations to visit in Asia

TweetHeading to Asia? Many travelers flock to the same old destinations, such as Bangkok, Delhi and Tokyo, without considering the lesser-known but perhaps more exciting hotspots. Here are just five of those unexpectedly exciting destinations to visit in Asia.  Okinawa, Japan  If you’re heading to Japan you’re likely going to one of two cities – […]

Bhutan in 20 pictures

TweetA friend – A: Hey, suggest some foreign country for my next vacation. I: Hmm, have you been to Bhutan? A: Nope, but I want to see an actual foreign country. Tell me some other countries ya. Have been thinking of going to Paris.  I: Do you want to see a country with breathtaking picturesque […]

A day hike to Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka | My Travel Recitals

TweetThere are times when I overestimate myself and plunge to take up things which I eventually discover to be immensely challenging. But then I ponder, “That’s precisely the reason why I want to travel often”. A little contradictory. That’s how most things in life are. Isn’t it? My travels these days aren’t about sight-seeing and ticking […]

A day in Colombo – Things to do

TweetTweet How many of us have shown foreigners our country without expecting any favors? I admit, I haven’t till now.  But after my recent experience with a travel start up of Sri Lanka, I am determined to take incomers around my country whole heartedly, every time I get a chance. While planning my trip to Sri lanka,  I […]