Bhutan in 20 pictures

A friend - A: Hey, suggest some foreign country for my next vacation. I: Hmm, have you been to Bhutan? A: Nope, but I want to see an actual foreign country. Tell me some other countries ya. Have been thinking of going to Paris.  I: Do you want to see a country with breathtaking picturesque... Continue Reading →

A day in Colombo – Things to do

Tweet How many of us have shown foreigners our country without expecting any favors? I admit, I haven't till now.  But after my recent experience with a travel start up of Sri Lanka, I am determined to take incomers around my country whole heartedly, every time I get a chance. While planning my trip to Sri lanka,  I... Continue Reading →

Cities you must put on your Vietnam Itinerary

The holiday season was around the corner and I had begun shortlisting the countries to see. I took note of Vietnam when a friend murmured the name Vietnam at some get together. That moment, the only thing I knew about the country was the infamous Vietnam war. That is when my fascination for researching about places took over and it appeared to be... Continue Reading →

Visa to Vietnam for Indians

When I was planning my travel to Vietnam, I was not able to find the first hand information on how to get my visa done. Few articles mentioned it is visa on arrival, few mentioned to go to embassy and the rest talked about the half task to be done before and remaining after the arrival. All... Continue Reading →

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