Kaziranga National Park- An Assam jungle odyssey

Kaziranga National Park

TweetIt appeared out of absolute nihility. Indifferently, it started walking on the relatively clearer path towards the more dense forest. There was a barricade between us beyond which tourists are not allowed to go. “Click Click Click!” The sound from our cameras was the only sound breaking the silence at the moment. Probably, it could […]

A day hike to Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka | My Travel Recitals

TweetThere are times when I overestimate myself and plunge to take up things which I eventually discover to be immensely challenging. But then I ponder, “That’s precisely the reason why I want to travel often”. A little contradictory. That’s how most things in life are. Isn’t it? My travels these days aren’t about sight-seeing and ticking […]